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We have all appropriate safety measures in place and your coach will direct you to make sure your experience is a safe one. #staysafe


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2020 Coaching Programmes


Steve, Dean, Aaron, Nat and  James have now launched their Coaching Programmes, get in touch for further details


For the serious players, everything you need is available at the Academy: Flightscope, Trackman, SAM Putt Lab, Boditrak Pressure mat and one of the UK's finest coaching teams.


3D Biomechanics now at

East Midlands Golf Academy




James Coaching

Aaron Holtom

Senior Instructor - Advanced PGA Professional

- Msc student - NLP Practioner

Aaron is now a Senior Instructor at Morley Hayes, who has accumulated over 18 years in the golf industry.  Please click here to find a package custom to your needs


Check out Aarons own coaching website here


Aarons main belief is that he is there to help golfers and not just a golf swing and enjoys taking beginners from their first time hitting a ball in the air to confidently playing 9 holes of golf. As much as helping the current Derbyshire amateur and Matchplay Champion back to fine form.



In recent years Aaron has switched his coaching philosophy, currently on his final year of undertaking a Masters in Sports coaching with Birmingham University, talking to mentors, CPD seminars and a mountain of golf books, if you are feeling frustrated with your golf and the learning process then maybe its time to try another way of learning this fantastic game.



Aaron runs 'Golf not golf swing' adult classes, these are group coaching sessions aimed at helping new and established golfers with their game.  These have proven very popular with the emphasis on reducing scores not just working on golf swings. 50% of these sessions are held on the olf course .  Tuesday evening class is FULL

Thursday 12noon class 2 spaces

Thursday evenings 1 Space





For the more experienced golfer... he now is one of the few Professionals to have a Boditrak pressure mat and also access to Trackman radar.  As well as the Brand new BULL3D system which enables clients to learn golf simply, its also a great way to look to prevent injuries, help players return from injuries or help established players create more powerful swings.

30 mins £25 or 1Hour £50 Adults        


30 mins £17 or 1Hour £32 Juniors


Book online or Telephone Aaron on 07854445063


email: [email protected]

twitter: aaronholtomgolf




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Available on lessons

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