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The golf course and coaching facilities will be closed inline with government guidelines until Dec 3rd.


We have all appropriate safety measures in place and your coach will direct you to make sure your experience is a safe one when the lockdown ends. #staysafe


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Junior group coaching is back


2021 Coaching Programmes


Steve, Dean, Aaron, Nat and  James have now launched their Coaching Programmes, get in touch for further details


For the serious players, everything you need is available at the Academy: Flightscope, Trackman, SAM Putt Lab, Boditrak Pressure mat and one of the UK's finest coaching teams.


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Golf not golf swing Training

Simply pick games from below and add into your practice routine, for the players who are looking to get the best out of their practice sessions, upload to our Leaderboard via your Edufii profile (clients of Aaron Holtom).

Monthly prizes for players who upload the most practice sessions or show the most improvement


What are you waiting for?


To get the most out of these practice games, alternate the game shot with a different club to make the practice more like a real game of golf.  You can practice the shots as much as you like but only have 1 go at the competitive practice per day.  This will build the anticipation and feel of consequence of each ball and compeition.  It would also be wise send in every score howeveer good or bad, it is quite easy to want to not update scores which show that you have struggled but this will be useful at a later date.





Using the red 150 sign as the right edge and the tree trunk as the left edge of the fairway.  You'll be hitting 10 drives but you must hit some other clubs in between each of thse 10 drives.  For each drive that ends uo in the fairway you get 10 points. For each drives that is just outside you get -5 points.  A drive that misses by more will be a -10 score.  100 is a leaderboard game, 100 being the best.


Drive finishes on the fairway = 10 points

Drive that would be in the rough = -5 points

Drive that would be outside the semi rough = -10 points



PAR 18


This game helps you prepare mentally for an off day of ball striking and enhances your ability to get up and down.

Start within 5 yards of the hole and proceed to putt out. You will do this for a total of 9 times. 2 shots per hole is considered a par. Either find a quiet hole on your own course, or have one go on each hole as after you have finished a hole of normal play.  Morley Hayes practice ground now also has space when in the company of a golf professional



30 yards, 50 yards and  80 yards


For the distance wedges games simply place a marker out on the driver range/practice ground at your desired distance.  Making sure the area is clear of any other golf ballls.  Procede to hit 5 balls to the chosen target with a driver swing inbetween each shot.  When you have finished and its safe walk about the the intended target, pace of out the distance to each ball individually and add as a total.



6 ft 6 ft distance control


This game game be played at home on a carpet as well as a putting green.  Place a tee or marker on the ground pace 6 ft, place another down, pace another 6ft in the same direction and place another marker down.  


Starting from the first marker the task is to hit the ball past the next marker but as close as possible but past.  The next ball must go past the ball you have just hit but short of the final marker.  The challenge is to see how many balls you can line up one further than the other in the 6 ft.


You can practice this as much as you want however, when you start the competition you only have 3 lives.  Once you hit a putt that is either short of the intended ball or marker, or past the final marker, you have lost a life.  The score is represented by how many balls you succesfully have in a row without any failed attempts.  


This game may seem easy but is really tough and a great game at home in the winter to keep your putting in shape.  Once you have had 3 failed attempts upload your best individual score to your edufii page.

3 ft and 6 ft putts


This can be performed either on a putting green or a carpet at home.


On putting green place 5 tees 3 ft around the hole in a circle and proceed to have 2 putts from each tee, making sure you dont hit two in a row from the same marker.


1 point for a holed putt

Total score out of 10


Repeat for 6 Ft


How to run the game on a carpet for home


Place 2 two upside down next to each other, then another at 3 ft away.  Simply roll the two tees over to hole a putt.  Hit the putt from different sides and walk away between putts to make the practice more realistic.  

To make this practice harder place the two tees (target) towards a wall within 3 ft.  This means that you also have to control speed as any putts hitting the wall will not count,







On the range, you have to succesfully hit 9 different shape shots, those being


low fade

medium fade

high fade

low draw

medium draw

high draw

low straight

medium straight

high straight


Hit them in a set order, in order to increase difficulty add in a target where the ball would need to land