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"Keep it fun, keep getting better"



2019 Coaching Programmes


For the serious golfer, Steve, James, Dean and Aaron all have performance programmes running throughout the year, get in touch for futher details,


New Beginners Dates now live

Starts Saturday 16th March 2019: Click here


New Beginner Ladies Coaching Date : Saturday 2nd March : Click here


Junior coaching is back!

New under 6's class Sat at 1pm

Click here for more info and Feb half term fun days


Coaching Vouchers

Vouchers available year round for the perfect Gift, please go to our coaching vouchers page.


For the serious players, everything you need is available at the Academy: Flightscope, Trackman, SAM Putt Lab, Boditrak Pressure mat and one of the UK's finest coaching teams.





3D Biomechanics now at

East Midlands Golf Academy

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Steve H

'Ive joined Shirland golf club, and now have a group I play reguarly with. my handicap has reduced but i will be back in touch soon thanks'


Ashley M

'so played today at Morley Hayes for the first time ever broke 90 with an 89. that was with back to back 6's on 8 and 9. other than that played really well, leaked a few drives and mad a few bad decisions, enjoy the weekend'


Matt H

'good round today including 7 pars, had to scramble alot despite having 4 holes where i didnt score i had 38points'


Pete B

'this course covered all parts to the game, i found the instruction invaluable as now to some degree i can fade and draw a ball. i ahve not been able to do this for 30 plus years. i can also visualize shots before executing them another first for me. its all down to the style of coaching but also a different way of coaching, its not simply banging balls at the range. I would recommend this to anyone'

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Available on group sessions

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